Who we are

For 40 years or so, we have been a recognized manufacturer of top quality long-burning grave lights and refills. We have been long known for solid quality of workmanship, wide product range, rich colour palette as well as diverse design and hand-made decorations. As both a retailer and a wholesaler offering a wide spectrum of designs, we afford our customers the ability to choose products matching their individual tastes and needs.

Nearly 40 years
on the market
A Polish-owned
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Our mission

Since 1984, our company’s mission has been to provide customers with the highest quality products coming in many styles and price ranges.

Honesty and reliability in dealings with our customers, partners and employees form the cornerstone of our company. It is a part of our company's growth agenda that we always consider the safety of our products and the protection of the natural environment.

Scale of Operations

Our main focus is the production of high-quality grave lights and refills. Nearly 40 years of successful growth have allowed us to become a recognizable brand, both in Poland and Europe. The portfolio of our clients includes the most popular retail chains, leading chemical wholesalers and individual customers of smaller formats. In 2022, our products were available for sale in over 4,000 stores across Poland.

Awards and Recognitions

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All our products are certified by the National Institute of Public Health.
We are a founding member of the National Association of Candle and Gravelight Producers
We have been awarded a certificate under the ‘Reliable Company’ Programme.
We participate in the nationwide ‘Company with Principles’ Programme.
Our products were awarded the title of 'Discovery of the Year 2020’ in the nationwide ‘Customer's Laurel’ plebiscite.
Also the quality of our refills was recognized in the nationwide ‘Customer's Laurel’ plebiscite.

Learn more about our departments

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    Production Department - Paraffin Wax Machines

    We operate high capacity and high precision dosing systems. Daily production output at the department can reach as many as 250,000 pieces.
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    Production Department - Plastics

    A part of our environmental agenda is that we make effort to be eco-friendly, which is why in the production of wind protectors, trays and tubes for candles, we use recycled raw materials, currently accounting for nearly 50% of the production.
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    Logistics and Warehouse Department

    Large-area high-storage warehouses, automated management systems and our own fleet of trucks allow us to deliver products within the time limits set by our customers without delays.
  • Quality Control Department

    We perform numerous tests to verify the quality of the supplied raw materials and the manufactured products at various stages of the technological process. The burning quality of our products is tested at our modern laboratory in simulated weather conditions.